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GO/DON'T GO (2021)

Kamikaze Dogfight / Gravitas Ventures / Myriad Pictures

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Caught between a lost love story and inescapable paranoia, "Go / Don't Go" is a genre-bending slow burn thriller that follows Adam, a wallflower who happens to be the last person left alive-or so he thinks.

Writer/Director: Alex Knapp

Producers: Max Gardner, Alex Knapp, Derek Brown, Olivia Luccardi

EPs: Tom Essig, Jeff Rea

Production Companies: A+M Creative, SSYY Productions, DB Films, GoDontGo Productions LLC

DP: Frankie Turiano

Editor: Collin Davis

Production Designer: Fiona Wood

Winner of the 45th Boston SciFi Director's award.

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